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*A Spiritual Journey*

Welcome to Mom Trails!

My journey consists of my trails as a mom, wife, and spiritual being. My new found love of books have lead me to a path I never imagined I would be on. I have started on a beautiful spiritual path. Hope that there are moments in my journey that resonate with you. I love stories about synchronicity, lessons learned, and signs from God and his Angels.  I am aware now that being a mother is a spiritual journey and I can talk about motherhood all day long too.  So now I'm blogging it. 

 Happy trails!

About me

I'm a wife and mom of  two boys and a girl.  I blog about my spiritual path, family, and the books that I love.

10 Things to Know about me:

1.  Grew up in Queens, NY

2.  I love sleep

3.  Love a good book! (wasn't a book lover before I read Billy Fingers)

4.  Believe everyone has a Guardian Angel

5.  Wish summer lasted forever

6.  Love reviewing books on self improvement and spirituality.

7.  Enjoy experiencing synchronicity

8.  My children are my teachers

9.  I Love coffee 

10.  Would like to get paid for watching YouTube