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Blog posts April 2016

My New Read

Apr 25, 2016

My little man has been asking me to go to the library a lot lately. He likes getting new books and new movies to watch. Mainly he loves it because he gets to:

1) Look at the fish tank (loves looking at those fish even though they are the same fish he saw just two days ago).

2) Plays with to…

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My Guardian Angel

Apr 12, 2016

My biggest discovery when reading Lorna Byrne's "Angels in My Hair" was that each one of us has a guardian angel that loves and adores us. We are never alone and we can try communication with our angels anytime!

I try to remind myself and my children of this gift God gave us as much as I can…

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Apr 6, 2016

This morning on YouTube I stumbled on a video by Oprah "What Oprah knows About the Power of Gratitude."  It was only 2 minutes and 46 seconds long, but it was very empowering. I was touched by the simple things we can be grateful for like breathing, having two legs to stand on, and being able to use…

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