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*A Spiritual Journey*

*Note To Self*

May 24, 2016

I've often wondered what I would say to myself if I could go back in time. I realized I wouldn't change much because my experiences have taught me many things.  Many of which I'm just realizing now in my forties.

There would be however three main things I would tell myself.

1. Love yourself: 

*God made you perfect.

*You were born with pure love.

​2. Trust your intuition:

*Your feelings will guide you.

*Embrace it.

3. When someone leaves your life:

*You win.

*It is a gift from God.

As my life is unfolding I realize that my past has made room for what I have received and continue to receive now. 

I want you to know that the pain DOES goes away. The Universe has bigger plans for you and YOU WILL BE HAPPY AGAIN.

I would have loved back then to have someone to listen to daily, to help me cope and find some answers. Today with social media we are blessed with souls that share their knowledge and love for life. On my list of people I follow on YouTube is the remarkable Ralph Smart from Infinite Waters.  I know that his work will continue to enlighten many more.

I noticed he's been touching many lives, and is giving hope and love to so many. I picked out one of his short videos to give you a taste of his magic.

Remember you are loved.


Go Back

This is wonderful! There are so many things I wish I could of went back and time and told my past self as well. So much hurt could have been prevented. but now my romantic life is amazing, I've got guy's chasing after me left and right. I even have some in spirit presences that have made themselves known to me. I get cuddled by my twin flame a lot. he's an angelic presence from the light and I'm an incarnated angel. According to a clairvoyant, my twin flame was the poet Herman Wildenvey. several different psychics I keep going to keep telling me that I'm an ascended master presence here on earth. I'm only just glad that I'm receiving love and romance at the moment. I really love your blog, it's great to read.

According to psychic this is my twin flame.

Anyway I like the things you express on this blog, there very beautiful, thank you for sharing your amazing experiences with the world.

Namaste and blessings

Yes to everything you said. Our trials and tribulations help make us who we are. Our past pains, hurts and sorrows are what gives us our strength and makes us enjoy the good times while they are good!

Wonderful article will love to read few more...


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