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*A Spiritual Journey*

*The Magic of Bees and Butterflies*

Jul 26, 2016

Bees took over my porch this summer.  These wonderful creatures decided to make their home in the planter on my porch!

Here is my beautiful plant way before the takeover.

I have been awful at keeping any plants alive in the past, so this plant is a miracle :)

A few weeks ago it became a home for these beings and they took over.  Every time I watered it,  I was getting these visitors flying out of it. Lots of them!

At first I thought I could deal with it, but then my kids and hubby were not so happy trying to avoid an army of bees everytime we tried to leave or enter the house.  We had to move the plant :(

We googled to see what type of bees they are. I had no idea there were so many different types of bees existing on this planet.  According to the Department of Entomology, there are about 20,000 species of bees! It turns out that the bees we have make their home in the dirt. They are ground nesting bees.

I have been seeing bees everywhere, all types. Even at our trips to the park.

Here's one of them at the park.

 I feel there is a reason for these bees consuming my days. 

They are a very important part of our ecosystem and turns out Bees have powerful messages. They themselves are a miracle because it's inexplicable how they are able to fly with those little wings and that big body. It's a strong message and proof that anything is possible. Visits from our beautiful insects and animals have wonderful meanings.

I found an amazing article on, The Spiritual Power of the Humble Bee.  It's an eye opening read on the symbolism of the bee. I've learned bees can be so many things for us.

They are viewed as:

1) Messengers of God

2) Reminders of miracles

3) Symbols for a few things like prosperity, and community

4) Guides to focus on our work

These are just a few examples. The bee is a very powerful messenger!​

I took their visit as a very important spiritual message to remember that there are miracles in my life every day, and that I have contributions to make.

This is why I love blogging so much. It's one of many avenues that can be used for sharing and contributing.

Our world is filled with wonderous conveyers of light and love. The last two weeks I've also been bombarded with butterflies, mostly white. They are so beautiful!

On, I learned butterflies can symbolize change is coming. They remind us to flow with the change, and try not to control it.

On the  Godwinks FB page, a beautiful story was shared of how a visit from a butterfly gave a grieving mother great love, comfort, and encouragement. For many people, butterfly encounters are associated with angels and our lost loved ones. They can give us hope and joy.

For me, my recent butterfly encounters give me encouragement and hope that positive change is coming, and remind me that my guardian angel is always with me.

Love is everywhere.






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