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"Angels Whisper In My Ear" by Kyle Gray

May 9, 2016

This wonderful read was enlightening and inspiring!

Kyle Gray wrote about everything I love.  He communicates with angels, and he's also a medium and great motivational speaker. He talked about Angels, Signs, Love, Healing, and so much more.

He is truly a gift from God.  I admire that I am so much older than him, yet he taught me so much. He is full of light, knowledge and love.

The things I loved the most about the book is:

1. He tries to instill in the reader that we all have the power to connect with our angels and gives examples of what we can do to achieve that.

2. Shows compassion and love for all his clients.

3. Discusses how to help children deal with death and encourages us to be open and honest.

4. Talks about manifestation and visualization.

5. Shares his experience with his own Guardian Angel.

I'm grateful that I found this book at my library.

Thank you Kyle!

Amazingly! Kyle Gray and Lorna Byrne (another one of my favorite authors) will both be at a magnificent event with Radleigh Valentine, Rosemary Stephens, and Diana Cooper! at The Angel World Summit 2016 in London on 6/25/2016.

I know they will transform many lives at this event. 

It's not in the United States but maybe one of you fortunate souls can make it!


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