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3 Influential Souls For Your Inspiration

Mar 27, 2017

There are so many wonderful spiritual teachers out there! There is someone for everyone.  If one person's teachings does not resonate with you, you can always find someone that does. You can find a person or a tribe that inspires your soul and mind. Instinctively pick and choose who you want to learn from and it will enrich your life.

Here are my 3 favorite picks:

1) Lorna Byrne

If you want to learn from someone who sees and talks to angels just like she sees and talks to people, Lorna is the one for you. She has been able to see and communicate with angels all her life. Her books give you wonderful details and stories about the angels and her life with them. My favorite is "Angels in my Hair." Its sequel "Angels at my Fingertips" is her new book that was just released. Lorna's husband passed away when her youngest was very small. She shares her experience of loss that can help many of us. You can see all her books and learn more about her on her website Lorna has a prayer scroll where she joins you in prayer. She invites you to send her your thoughts, worries, and joys. A great opportunity to have your prayers included in hers. Her website is an outstanding source of inspiration. In her writing Lorna reveals conversations she has with the Angels and what she learns from them and God. From learning their names to why certain things happen in life(like death and poverty), her books are filled with amazing stories, lessons, and bewilderment. Just listening to her fills you with peace, joy, and hope. Her YouTube channels is Lorna Byrne.

2) Ros Place

I love Ros! She is sweet and gentle in the way she talks. She is a caring and wonderful angel communicator. What I appreciate about Ros is that she is also a mom and a wife dealing with every day stuff. Her instagram is filled with uplifting messages and encouragement. She has daily messages on her instagram that you can communicate to your guardian angel. You can also sign up to her weekly emails that are messages from your guardian angel. I look forward to them every Monday. I watched her Guardian Angel show on her YouTube channel Angles with Ros. She is a great teacher and explains all the different color bands the Angels have and what they mean. I'm currently enrolled in her oracle card online course and enjoying every bit of it. If you are interested in learning about oracle cards, I highly recommend taking her course. I like how she breaks up the course into easy segments to follow. It's just the right pace for a busy mom. You can also book a Guardian Angel reading with her on her website

3) Mike Dooley

This enlightening New York Times Bestselling author writes about the questions many of us have about life and why we are here. My two favorite books that he wrote are "Infinite Possibilities" and "the top ten things dead people want to tell YOU." Both eye opening and thought provoking. Mike Dooley says "thoughts become things" and that we are the creators of the life we are living. He was in the 2006 film "The Secret." He also provides daily inspiration through his free daily emails "Notes from the Universe." They are really fun to read and help you start your day with a positive outlook. He and Lorna Byrne have had workshops together. You can find them discussing angels on his YouTube Channel Mike Dooley. His videos will give  you a new way to look at life. Take time to visit his website My favorite part of his website is the blog because he has different bloggers contributing to it, which makes it rich with views and thoughts from people who have different backgrounds and experiences. He believes we can all create a life of abundance in all areas.

If you would like to learn about communicating with your spirit guides you can check out two people. Alicia Power on YouTube and her website is And also Abbey Normal on YouTube , website is

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