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5 Things On My Christmas Wish List 2016

Dec 15, 2016

Christmas is almost here and the internet is flooded with pictures of Christmas trees and ugly Christmas sweaters. I love it! I have seen some pretty funny requests for Santa on the internet. The best ones are from the little ones.

Like this one I saw on Twitter:

"To: Santa, I do not mind if you do not give me the presents that I want but please can I have a slime putty."

Found a few from adults, also pretty funny.

This one is hilarious. I think this is what Santa's response will be to my list.



Here is my letter to Santa.

Dear Santa,

This is what I want for Christmas please:

1) A Butler

2) Merry Maids

3) A Personal Chef

4) 2 Week Vacation On A Tropical Island

5) I want my children to brush their teeth (without me harassing them) everyday, in the morning, at bedtime, after every meal when possible, and I want them to floss!

Please don't forget to eat your milk and cookies.

Also Santa,

Thank you for all your helpers. The wonderful teachers and parents at my kids' schools have been doing a great job at filling our kids with the the Christmas spirit. All the artwork is beautiful, they also had a great time choosing gifts at the holiday boutiques. They were so excited to bring home gifts for us. The holidays at school would not be the same without the help of teachers and parent volunteers.

Here is a picture of our early Christmas gifts from the little ones :)


Thank you!




You can stop laughing now. What on my letter was the most unrealistic?

Yes, I know, my kids brushing their teeth all on their own.


Merry Christmas everyone and may all your wishes come true!

Listen to this wonderful message from Lorna Byrne about what the angels do at Christmas time.

The Gates Of Heaven Are A Little More Open At Christmas

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hope you get everything and every wish


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