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Doing Nothing Is Something

Jun 9, 2016

Being busy is overrated, and exhausting. I used to feel guilty if I sat down and did nothing. I also used to feel guilty if my kids were not busy doing something. I was under the impression that being lazy was bad for me and my kids.  I couldn't have been more wrong.

Being still and doing nothing is a gift, and being bored is a luxury. 

I don't know why being busy is glorified. There was a time that I felt I like a robot. Took care of the little ones in the morning, went to work, came home late to do more work (the usual dinner time, homework, and bedtime routine).  I went from task to task, then collapsed in bed day in and day out with not much respite on Sundays. I felt I couldn't breathe and my days were just full of tasks. Even with my husband's help, I felt I was drowning. If I heard someone say they were bored (which is rare these days), I would get jealous.

I knew I wasn't feeling or thinking, I just did what I had to do. That is no way of living for anyone. We need time to rest, ponder, and be bored.

I rather have quality time than constantly having to do something or be somewhere.

To me being bored means,  I don't have to be somewhere, no childcare issues to resolve,  no task to complete, no cooking to plan, etc. The list can be a mile long. You get the idea :) 

Here are my ideas for doing nothing:

1. Lay in a hammock

2. Lay on a beach

3. Stare at the sky

4. Ponder

I'm sure you have your own ideas on being still and living in the  moment. It's nice to be living in the moment. I know i'm living in the moment and not worrying when I start to whistle a song. It's funny my husband thinks my whistling is weird, but it really does help. What do you do when you are living in the moment?

Many wonderful inventors, philosophers, writers, and many others get their inspirations and creativity when they are doing "nothing."

It's also cheaper to do nothing. It's free!

When I am still :

1. I get answers to my questions

2. I get new ideas

3. I stop wanting to control everything

I've realized that being lazy about something is not bad. It's my signal that I need to delegate and I shouldn't force myself. I accept I don't have to be busy all the time.

When my kids get bored, they end up finding something creative to do. They instinctively find something that brings them joy. Here is one of my little one's paintings, done after he told me he was bored.

Do what you love and allow yourself to be lazy.

Here is a wonderful YouTube 

Abraham Hicks: Being Lazy Isn't a Bad Thing



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I love this post! I so appreciate what you said about being bored or doing nothing allows your creative thoughts to flourish. We all need time to just be and letting your children be bored gives them the freedom to dream up ways to occupy themselves - without being connected to an electronic devise!

Some of my best times spritually in my life where when i was being obedient to the verse, "Be still and know that I am God.". I love this post it reminded me to slow down and breath!


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