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Enjoy Your Moments

Dec 1, 2016

There are many days that I feel like I'm living the same day over and over again. Like the movie Ground Hog Day. I love that movie.


This movie is a great reminder that when we change our actions in our daily routines, we can get different outcomes and experiences. We can learn to enjoy each moment. A new positive attitude can give us a whole new outlook and reality. Apparently we are the creators of our reality ;)

That's why I love Christmas. The expectation of Santa coming to my house breaks me out of  this sometimes robotic existence. I am expecting something great to happen. I am creating a new reality. I would like to have this feeling all year long. I would like to expect something great to happen every day not just the holidays.

The decorating and the excitement break up the routine.

All the decorations and beautiful lights are so beautiful at this time of year.



 If I could I  would decorate my house with as many lights as possible (as long as someone else put it away). The more lights the better!

I love seeing gifts under the tree.

The holidays are great for slowing down, sleeping in, and drinking hot chocolate.

I just need to remember more often that this can be done even when it's not a holiday. I can expect great things, treat myself to something nice, have a positive attitude, and create new exciting realities without a holiday coming up.

The main thing to remember is to take care of ourselves always, everyday, and all the days leading up to a holiday.

Lorna Byrne,  author of Angels In My Hair,  is constantly reminding us that it's ok to treat yourself  and to do something you enjoy whenever you can. 

Like taking time to drink a nice cup of HOT tea or coffee when it's still hot.  Not COLD because you got distracted doing other things and finally remembered you made something to drink. Happens a lot in my house.

Lorna's website is a wonderful resource for reading about what God and his Angels want us to know. Her words are very loving and comforting. She is a gift.

I hope you all remember to take care of yourselves this holiday season.  Sit down with your favorite drink and a great book.

Do what you love. You deserve it! 

Remember you are pure love.

You are loved.




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I so agree! We spend so much time loving everyone else, but not ourselves. The holidays are a great reminder to do just that, but we need to make sure we do it all the time!
p.s. I recently created a morning routine for myself. And for the first time ever I've been drinking my coffee while it's still hot!! It's so exciting!


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