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Enjoying the Last Days of Summer

Aug 30, 2016

Our summer is ending soon and I'm optimistic, but I will miss sleeping in during the week. Sometimes I wish I was able to do homeschooling just so I can make up my own schedule and have more freedom. Then I remember that my kids would rather go to school and I have to go to work. 

There will be some exciting things happening. My five year old will be going to kindergarten, my baby girl will be in her last year of elementary, and my oldest will be going into 10th grade. It felt really funny going to a kindergarten orientation when I have another one going to HS.

When I went to the kindergarten orientation I also noticed how much older I am than the other moms. Then I felt better when I realized how nervous some of the new parents were. I felt like a pro sitting with a bunch of newbies :)

Anyway, I also realized I haven't changed much when it comes to getting ready for the school year. I don't get ready, I leave everything for the last minute!

I do love the excitement in my daughter. She loves finding out who her teacher will be and buying new school supplies. School supplies used to be so much easier when I was in school 100 years ago.

All I needed to buy was my backpack , loose leaf notebook, dividers, paper, pencil case, pens, pencils, a couple of folders, and book covers. What happened to that?!

My HighSchooler has to wait till he gets a supply list from each teacher he has from each subject. Huh? why?

Well, anyway we will just condense like we did last year and combine a few classes in his binders ;)

There's so much I am grateful for. I used to feel a lot more insecure as a parent when school started. Now I try not to "sweat the small stuff" anymore. I will try listen to my intuition more and depend more on the feedback I get from my kids. 

If they are smiling I know we are ok. And yes I will try to remember that when I can't help my daughter with her math homework at 8pm and I'm pulling my hair out. I wonder how much my intuition will be helping me on those nights??

On a serious note, I do know Intuition is such a gift.  I am aiming to use it more. It's the way God and our angels communicate with us.

I love how August has been so warm with beautiful sunny days to enjoy. There are still plenty of magical butterflies and birds surrounding us. Completely enjoying these lazy summer nights, hearing the crickets, and feeling the grass on my feet. Amazing how it's still hot enough to be in the pool.

My minions and I decided to make a short YouTube video of how they are spending their last days in the pool.




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