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Healing With The Angels by Doreen Virtue *Book Review*

Jan 18, 2017

If you have a thirst for learning about angels, their healing power, and angel numbers, then this is the book for you! "Healing with the Angels" by Doreen Virtue does a great job of giving an abundance of helpful information that will help guide you and inspire you. It's an oldie but goodie.

Doreen has worked as a psychotherapist, has written over 50 books, and has appeared on programs such as Oprah because of her work with angels. She is able to see and communicate with them. She makes it very clear that we are far from being alone on this planet and we are very loved by God and his angels.

Some information served as great reminders and then there was information that was new to me.

Great reminders:

1) The angels are consistently trying to communicate with us and are always ready to help.

2) We can ask for help for any little thing like finding our keys, or any big thing like finding a new job or healing.

3) The Archangels are strong and they can make miracles happen.

4) We just have to ask for help and it is given to us.

5) Angels use number sequences to communicate with us.

If you follow my instagram, you will see every now and then pictures of number sequences I notice. Frequently when I look at the time, I will either see 2:22, 3:333, 4:44,  5:55, or 1:11.

Here's one of the pics.

Doreen writes very detailed explanations of what these number sequences and many others mean. A great guide to understand why you keep seeing certain numbers. For example, she explains 555 means a major life change is coming. Her book goes into detail of what messages the angels are sending.

Information that was new to me:

1) There are nature angels for plants and animals. It's no wonder why spending time outside or spending time with animals is so therapeutic for us. Doreen says, "nature is filled with powerful healing angels. They are frequently referred to as the "elemental kingdom."

2) Every living creature has a guardian angel. Our pets have angels too.

3) There are fairies that are involved with healing humans and they look like fireflies with a whitish glow. The section on fairies was delightful and eye opening. Makes me appreciate nature even more.

4) The angels and loved ones we've lost often give us guidance in our dreams. I always thought our lost loved ones were in our dreams to just visit or just to let us know they are ok.

5) Kirlian photographs show that our thoughts affect material things. Amazingly these pictures show a difference in size, shape, and color of the energy around the object depending on the type of thoughts the person has while holding it. It's astonishing that we can actually see with our physical eyes how our thoughts can affect physical objects.

6) Our inner peace and happiness doesn't just help us, it also helps others around us. Even though we can't help all that are suffering, we can help by being good to ourselves and the people we come in contact with. I sometimes feel helpless when I see so much suffering, so this little piece of information is helpful.

Doreen says, "Every time you have a peaceful thought, it goes out into the world and affects others...."

She also emphasizes that God and our angels help us with our life purpose. She states, "They ensured the purpose would mesh with our natural talents and interests...." before we were born.

As a mom, I feel my most important life purpose is to love my kids and take care of them. Everything else comes second. I also feel we can have more than one life purpose and it can be anything from volunteering, being an inventor, gardening, writing, teaching yoga, being a chef, a counselor, to being a good friend. We all have our unique ways of contributing to the world.

In this book you will also find many real stories from her clients and their experiences.  A very fun part of reading the book! Make sure you visit Doreen's website for more inspiration and information on her work. You can visit her at


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Hi Paula,

Thanks for the great review!
Sounds like a book I really need to get. Been thinking about it for awhile, so no need to postpone it.

Wish you a lovely Sunday afternoon!


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