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*A Spiritual Journey*

Memories of Heaven by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer and Dee Garnes

Oct 30, 2016

Memories of Heaven was thought provoking and an eye opener. It made me aware of miraculous things easy to miss in our daily lives. This book is filled with stories of children remembering things they experienced in heaven,  before they were born. Some children even remember previous lives. There are also stories of children being able to see other souls, and angels.

This whole book started because of Dee's conversation with her little boy about God. This amazing conversation convinced her that children have so much to teach us, and it sparked such a strong interest in her and Dr. Dyer that they decided to ask others to share their experiences.

Many remember looking down from heaven picking their parents and having conversations with God. Some of these parents were stunned at how matter of fact their kids shared their experience in heaven and details of what they saw and felt.

The most important things I learned from this book is that:

1) These stories can be instrumental in your own healing.

(Dr. Wayne Dyer did not have a positive experience with his father growing up and he explains how he himself was able to realize why he chose his father)

2) We as parents are carefully chosen by these beautiful souls.

3) These little ones remember heaven and they miss it. (helps explain why sometimes they are sad for no apparent reason).

4) They are very sensitive to our feelings and thoughts when in the womb.

5) It they don't make it the first time, they come back again to the same mommy.

6) They remember the love (surrounded by it in heaven).

7) They pick parents that will help them achieve their purpose.

8) Children are very open to these experiences and we can learn a lot from them.

These mind boggling stories are filled with joy, surprise, hope, and lots of love.


There are also mentions of children having imaginary friends, that turned out to be other souls that had passed. Children can be so open that some are even able to see angels, or even tell you when another baby is coming. Many do forget these occurrences as they get older, so it's important to pay attention to the details when a child is chatting away. You never know what they might share with you. 

Reading this book has sparked some memories for me. I wish I had paid more attention and written things down all these years. But I do have one very vivid memory.

Before I knew I was pregnant with my daughter, my oldest who was 4 at the time said to me pointing to my belly, "there's a baby in there." To which I replied with a smile, "Um, no there's no baby in there." He responded "oh yes there is", and he walked away to continue playing. Somehow he knew, and he was right. Of course, he doesn't remember this now, but it is a sweet memory.

These stories will change the way you look at everyone, especially your children and heaven.



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