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My Favorite Summer Pics

Jul 13, 2016

I love summer for many reasons. Of course, one of the reasons is I get to sleep in! Yes, that alone is blissful enough for this sleepy head.

One of my other favorite things is I get to see a sea of pictures across all social media of everyone's  summer pics having fun and being carefree. So  nice to see people smiling and enjoying the moment.

Here are some of my personal favorite summer pics so far:

My little man graduating from pre-k


Gotta have my shrimp

Eating out is fun #no cooking

Water Fun!

Flowers at our Library


I am now obsessed with taking photos of beautiful flowers along my trails. These are just gorgeous,  I can see and feel the love coming from these beauties. 

Flowers at Aunt Daisy and Uncle Tony's House :)

#Beautiful #Flowers #Love

I hope you are enjoying your summer and taking lots of pics of your moments :)




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