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New Read* How to Hear Your Angels by Doreen Virtue*

Aug 15, 2016

Doreen Virtue's book, "How to Hear Your Angels" was uplifting, encouraging, and an eye opener. Not only does it encourage us to ask our angels for help,  but it also emphasizes how we are all deserving of this help, and outlines the steps we can take to receive it.

I love how she explains all the various ways our angels can communicate with us. As long as we are open to it, and ask for their help we can receive their guidance.  She writes we can request assistance in many areas. 

Some examples of areas we can ask for help are:

1) Finances

2) Love

3) Health

4) Clarity

5) Career

6) A New Home

7) Parenting

8) Education

9) Creativity

10) Hope

There's nothing too small or too big that we can ask for.

Frequent ways in which our angels communicate with us are:

1) You may have heard your name just when you were waking up

2) Suddenly you hear beautiful music

3) Ringing in your ear

4) Overhearing a conversation that answered your question

5) You hear a deceased loved one's voice

6) Dreams

7) Seeing sparkles or flashes of light.

8) Finding a feather

9) Finding a coin

There are so many more ways and the book does a wonderful job at detailing them for us.

In the Afterword, I loved when I read, "You can voice this request directly to God or to the angels. The result is the same, since the angels are extensions of the Supreme Being. They're literally God's thought forms of love."

I love reading books about angels. This one is definitely on my list of favorites. Thank you Doreen Virtue for writing this book.

If you have read a book about angels and loved it,  feel free to comment about it. I would love to check it out.

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