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*A Spiritual Journey*

Power of Love

Mar 22, 2016

This is a wonderful message to all of us. 

This is the video I listened to this morning to start my day and it stayed with me the whole morning. So I had to share with you :) I was able to deal with getting my kids ready more lovingly and with more patience.

Lorna Byrne has a very loving way of teaching us about the angels and how much God loves us.

If you would like to know or just be reminded of how loved you are and how you are seen through God's eyes, read her book "Angels in My Hair." You can look for it in your local library, I'm sure they will have it.  However if you decide to buy it I have a link under "Books I've Enjoyed" just in case you would like your own copy :)

Please let me know if you have read it. I would love to know what you experienced while reading it and what you learned.

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I actually have not read it, but I have watched her video's and looked at her main website. I felt like I could relate to her seeing angels. I don't see angels as often as her. usually I only see my guardian angels. once I saw one other persons guardian angel walking with them, it was so surreal. I usually see glows and sparks around me and other people. angels have appeared to me quite lot either with wings or just without. I don't see them as much as lorna byrne. but I'm clairaudient so I can talk to them whenever I want :) you have such a beautiful blog. the colors are so peaceful. I'm enjoying reading it. thanks for sharing it with me on twitter. Lorna is simply amazing and she's really helping so many :)


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