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September School Issues

Sep 28, 2016

September has been quite a whirlwind! The weeks have just flown by and I can't believe it's almost over. The weather cooled down this past weekend and we closed our pool :( 

The end of the summer season is always sad for me. I have been missing the lazy days of summer.


We have even battled the first days of school with tears for my little guy, but he is doing better now. Thank goodness!

I have a new kind of appreciation and respect for all those mommies who have dealt with tears in the morning before school. It's heartbreaking to say the least. I know that us moms suffer more than the little ones. The roughest day was the day he broke into tears, and on that day God sent me angels on earth to deal with the pain. From my beautiful neighbor to the bus driver, and staff at the school. Their words and assurance that everything would be fine were gifts to me. Words can't express how much they helped me that day. When I spoke to the bus driver, she said he is usually fine once the bus gets going, and his school also said something similar. He tears up a little at school but once comforted by his teacher he is just fine.  The lady at his school office, said "it's the mom who suffers the most because once the kid gets started with his or her day they forget everything and they go on with their day just fine," while us moms are left all day to worry and torture ourselves needlessly.  

We received a great reminder that our angels are with us and we are not alone. 

On the first week of school my little guy got off the bus and found a feather right in front of our house. He quickly picked it up in excitement. Here it is.

The two things I remind him of every morning is that I will be here waiting for him and that he is never alone because his guardian angel is always with him. I try to remind him that he can speak to his guardian angel and God privately in his mind whenever he needs to. He doesn't say much in response but he doesn't argue with me and it helps him make those steps necessary to walk out the door. I also let him hold his stuffed animal when getting on the bus.

I decided I will also start leaving him notes in his lunch box. Crossing my fingers that helps too.

Aside from this little hurdle, it's been nice seeing my kids settle into their new routines and excited about their new classes. We've already had homework challenges and exams. When I was in school, I don't remember September being so busy, but then again nothing is the same and schools are different. The current school system has been weighing heavy on my mind.

I found a wonderful YouTube video on the subject of school. It's longer than most videos I listen to  but I'm glad I listened to it until the end. I felt much better and lighter at the end of this wonderful message. Enjoy!


My children are definitely my teachers.








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