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*A Spiritual Journey*


Each one of these books taught me something new and each one was amazingly inspiring.  I learned to  believe in a loving Universe, a loving God, and Angels.  Most importantly I learned that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

books I've enjoyed Reading

*Billy Fingers

by  Annie Kagan

*Angels in My Hair

*Stairways to Heaven

*A Message of Hope from the Angels

by Lorna Byrne

*Divine Alignment

by SQuire Rushnell

*The Top Ten Things Dead People Want to Tell You

*Infinite Possibilities

*Manifesting Change

by Mike Dooley

*The Divine Matrix

by Gregg Braden

*The Soul's Remembrance

by Roy Mills

*To Heaven and Back

by Mary C. Neal, MD

*Reaching to Heaven

*Unfinished Business

by James Van Praagh

*Proof of Heaven

by Eben Alexander,  M.D.


by Bonnie McEneaney

*The Shift in Consciousness

by Lili Bindriss and Camillo Loken

*Embraced by the Light

*The Ripple Effect

by Betty J. Eadie

*The Messengers

by Julia Ingram & G.W. Hardin

*Waking Up in Heaven

by Alex Tresniowski & Crystal McVea

*The Light Between Us

by Laura Lynne Jackson

*Angels Whisper In My Ear

by Kyle Gray

*How to Hear Your Angels

*Healing with the Angels

by Doreen Virtue

*Glimpses of Heaven

by Trudy Harris, RN



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